Buying an Invisible Fence? Think Again

Buying an Invisible Fence? Think Again

Buying an Invisible Fence

You love your dog, but you don’t love when he escapes from your yard and runs loose through your neighborhood. Many homeowners are tempted to solve this type of problem by buying an invisible fence, but the truth is that invisible fences pose far more consequences than benefits. The true solution to keeping your dog safe in your yard is the construction of a sturdy and attractive physical fence.

Invisible Fences Pose Many Problems

Invisible fences, also called wireless or electric fences, function with a wire installed around the perimeter of your yard. The wire is set to emit radio signals that are sent to your dog’s collar. When your pup steps too close to the invisible boundary, his collar beeps a warning. If your dog ignores the warning beep and gets even closer, he receives a small shock to discourage him from crossing.

This system involves many downfalls. Though an invisible fence might be able to keep your dog inside of your yard, it can’t prevent others from intruding on your property when they aren’t invited. This means that other animals or neighbors can still place your family pet in harm’s way.  Animal advocates also warn against invisible fences, because the shocks can hurt dogs and manipulate canine behavior. There is also the very real possibility that the invisible fence will fail and your dog will escape or learn how to avoid the shock system.

Choose an Attractive Physical Fence over Buying an Invisible Fence

Forget about the idea of buying an invisible fence and instead select a fence that can be professionally constructed to give your dog a safe outdoor environment. You can select the style of your fence based on your dog’s personality. If you have a gentle dog that enjoys watching people pass by your yard, you could select a slatted fence that gives him a view into the street. However, if your dog barks too much or is too eager to jump his boundaries, you should invest in a strong, durable, and solid fence that separates him from other activities.

Wood, aluminum, and vinyl fences are very popular for dogs. It’s important to use a fence with a gate that latches automatically to ensure that your pet can’t escape due to a gate left ajar. Aluminum is a popular fence choice because it is durable and low maintenance. Your dog can run around the yard with clear boundaries and no need for electric shock warnings or threats of other dangers. It’s the perfect solution that you can easily obtain by containing West Florida Fence in Tampa, Florida.

As Tampa’s premier full-service fence and gate company, West Florida Fence can supply the perfect fencing solution for your property. For more information about why you should not plan on buying an invisible fence and you should plan to let us build a sturdy wood, aluminum or vinyl fence instead, contact us today. Call (813) 251-5883 to get started today.