Buying a Commercial Premise? Here’s How to Make Sure It is Secure

 Commercial Premise

Buying a Commercial Premise? Here’s How to Make Sure It is Secure

Moving into a new business premises is always an exciting prospect, particularly if it’s due to expansion. It’s a tangible sign that things are going well for your company and that you’re moving up in the world.

However, it’s regrettably also a signal to any thieves in the area that you’re a business to take interest in. And if your premises aren’t suitably well-protected, criminals will take advantage of the fact.

Top Ways to Protect Your Commercial Property

1) Fencing. The most powerful initial deterrent you can invest in is a fence. A strong, sturdy aluminum fence instantly sends a strong message to any thieves that you take your security seriously, plus it can also create an attractive feature around your premises!

2) Lighting. Invest in some sensor lights and position them strategically at the entrance to your property, plus in any areas that are well concealed and naturally shadowy, such as round the back of your business property. A thief would much prefer to work in darkness than under a bright, revealing light.

3) Alarms. It may sound obvious, but it’s quite amazing how many businesses still don’t protect their premises with an alarm system. Make sure you position it somewhere obvious on the exterior, so criminals know that it’s there.

4) Windows and doors. Windows and doors are naturally ‘weak points’ on your property when it comes to security. Add sturdy locks, invest in burglar resistant glass if possible, or get some shutters to close the windows at night.

5) Security enclosures. If you have a lot of valuable stock on your premises, don’t leave it to chance when you shut up shop for the night. Investing in a security enclosure makes it virtually impossible for thieves to access your valuable products.

Make Your Business More Secure Today

If you’re concerned about the security of your commercial premises and you’d like to find out about more about installing a fence or security enclosure, talk to West Florida Fence today. We’ve got a wide range of security solutions, which also add an attractive feature to your business exterior. To get in touch, call 813 251 5883.