Best Fences for Commercial and Residential Properties

Best Fences for Commercial and Residential Properties

When it comes to protecting your property, family, and valuables, there is no better choice than fencing. It can be argued that security cameras are the best choice, but they are not. They do very little to deter intruders, who will simply strap on a mask and break in regardless of how much footage is recorded. Even if you do manage to capture the face of a burglar, it can still be very hard for police to locate and identify the subject. Fencing in your property will deter theft, because most intruders are just looking for a quick and easy break-in.

Fences for Commercial Properties

You should also fence in commercial properties. Not only does it make your business look more appealing to customers, but it offers substantially greater protection than any alarm service or camera system. However, there are certain fences that are better than the rest when it comes to protecting your business.

Security Enclosures—These fences are typically high in stature and surround the entire area, offering entry only through a gate. They are often too tall to be climbed over easily by intruders, though you may opt for barbed wire at the top if you choose.

Metal Fencing—You can opt for the wrought iron appearance with supporting brick columns to add security and aesthetic appeal to your property. The tops of the wrought iron fencing is usually spiked, so this is a great deterrent for intruders.

Gated Fencing—The best choice is always going to be fencing that includes a gate. Gates restrict access to your business and belongings and are highly recommended for those trying to protect their assets.

Fences for Residential Areas

For residential areas, you probably do not need to have a heavy-duty fence or barbed wire. Typically, residents are looking for something that will offer protection while making their homes look stylish. There are several options, but we have provided some of our favorites.

Ornamental Fencing—This type of fencing is very decorative and comes in a variety of designs. The most common is probably going to be wrought iron, which can make any home look elegant and stylish.

Wood Fencing—Picket fences are the most popular when it comes to residential fencing. They are affordable on nearly any budget, provide privacy, and can be painted to add a splash of color to your property.

Gated Fencing—This type of fencing is available in a wide variety of sizes and materials but is also the most valuable. Gates, as already mentioned, severely limit access and provide an immeasurable amount of security to your home.

Picking the Best Fence for You

When it comes to choosing the best fences in your residential or commercial property, the choice is really up to you and depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for something stylish, as opposed to something that will offer a lot of security, you have almost unlimited options. However, if you are looking for something for protection, you still have a lot of options but you should consider something sturdy.