Benefits of a Security Fence for Your Business

Security FenceBenefits of Installing a Security Fence for Your Business

In addition to the security cameras you use to monitor your business and watch for criminals, you should also consider installing a security fence. There are many reasons that a business of any size can benefit from the additional layer of safety provided by a security fence or gate. 

Whether you’re currently attempting to deter crime or want to stop the problem before it begins, consider these benefits of installing a security fence around your business. 

A Strong Foundation

Every great security fence starts with a permanent concrete foundation. This foundation will prevent the fence from being knocked over, blown over, or otherwise damaged. In addition to a strong foundation, a high-quality security fence will also be made of materials like aluminum and other durable choices that can withstand just about any form of pressure or damage. 

A Secure Access Point

The critical point of a security gate is access to a secure entryway that somehow differentiates between invited and uninvited guests. Many communities use a gate code or key fob so only residents can obtain entry. In the case of an emergency exit security gate, it could be a simple motion sensor to allow people or cars through when they are physically present. Some fences slide while others swing. 

A Durable Lock

What’s the point of a security gate that doesn’t have a reliable lock? Since intruders are sure to attempt to break through a gate’s lock, the lock used on a security gate must be tamper-proof and incredibly durable. This type of lock can take many different forms. 


A four-foot-tall security gate isn’t much of a security gate. All gates used for security, from sports stadiums to residential communities, are usually six to eight feet tall. This minimizes the chance that an intruder can easily climb over the fence for entry. In locations where height may not be enough to deter criminals, tall points and posts can be placed at the top of the gate, much like the ones used along prison boundaries and the fence of the White House, to make it impossible for even the craftiest intruders to get through. 

Given the vital role they play in safety and security, gates are always best installed by experts. West Florida Fence is a professional Tampa fencing service and installation company specializing in security for residential and commercial properties. Give them a call today at 813-213-3297 for a free quote!