Add a Security Fence to Your School

Three Reasons to Add a Security Fence to Your SchoolThree Reasons to Add a Security Fence to Your School

In a world filled with random violence and school shootings, it is natural for parents and administrators to be worried about the safety of children attending school. There are many different ways that administrators and teachers can help keep kids safe while they are at school, and you could add a security fence to your school with gates can be just one of them. Here are three reasons to add a security fence to your school.

Control Site Visitors

Most schools today have doors that remain locked from the outside so that administrators can control who comes into the building. However, schools that have multiple entrances and no security guards on staff could still see unwelcome and unregistered visitors through side doors where no one is watching. Erecting a security fence and installing gates can help force visitors to enter one main door where they will be registered and conduct their business.

Keep Students In

A security fence with gates can also prevent students from leaving school grounds in the middle of the day. By blocking entrances and exits with a security fence around the entire school, you can keep children safe while still keeping them within the walls for learning. Many high schools have found that attendance issues such as skipping classes is less likely to occur when a security fence is around the perimeter of the school.

Inexpensive Security

Many school districts do not have the budget to hire security guards or have off-duty police officers present at all times. For smaller or poorer school districts, a security fence is a great way to increase security without ongoing costs such as wages or service fees.

If you are a school administrator or school board director and would like to discuss the reasons to add a security fence to your school, contact us today for more information.