A Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Fence

Choosing the Right FenceA Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Fence

Installing a backyard fence is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your property. Whether you’re giving your dog a safe place to play, adding privacy from your neighbors, defining your property line, or preventing intruders from entering, your fence will serve a number of important purposes. This means that you want to be sure that choosing the right fence out of the right materials to achieve your goals.

Consider Your Goals

Residential fencing is available in many different materials, including vinyl, wood, aluminum, iron and chain link. Based on the function of your fence, certain materials from that list might work very well or not at all, so it is important to begin by selecting your core fencing purpose. Perhaps you are trying to boost your property value, increase privacy, or keep your children and pets contained.

A short white picket fence made from wood or vinyl will look beautiful and boost property value, but won’t help you contain your dogs. An ornamental iron fence, on the other hand, will look beautiful but do very little to give you more privacy. Once you identify your purpose, you can work with your fence company to determine the best materials to match for choosing the right fence.

Identify Your Budget

Fences can run between $2,000 and $8,000, so if you need to keep your project within a specific budget, be aware of that going in. Wood, for example, might only run $10 per foot installed, while vinyl will cost you up to $60 per foot installed. Blending your budgetary needs with your design vision is an important part of choosing the right fence.  

Select Your Level of Maintenance

In addition to purpose and budget, you also need to decide just how much maintenance you are willing to devote to your fence. Materials like wood, while cheaper, require more significant maintenance since they are subject to rotting and wear and tear. Vinyl and aluminum, on the other hand, are incredibly durable materials that only require your attention briefly each year. It’s all about balancing your priorities!

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